How Miracle Hands Can Support Disabled People and Their Families

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Healthcare for disabled people plays an important role in the Australian healthcare. According to data published by The Australian Network on Disability, more than 4 million people in the country are suffering from at least

Get the combined benefits of daily exercise and disability support

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With the introduction of NDIS, i.e., National Disability Insurance Scheme, the life of our specially-abled brothers and sisters has become much easier as compared to earlier. And we feel very blessed to be an important

Disability Support Services Melbourne– Making disabled people in Victoria more independent

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A society in which everyone tries to adjust with the strengths and weaknesses of the others to maintain peace and mutual understanding is an ideal place to live. And therefore people try to help each

Support Worker – The force which runs NDIS

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Have you ever visited the laboratory or company where medicines are manufactured? The answer of the most people would be ‘No’, but you still take pills for fever, headache, and other medical conditions, by visiting

See how National Disability Insurance Agency embraces life in Victoria

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All the grown-up people were once children who needed someone to help them with everything and take good care of them. Parents are the one, who do this and enable their children in becoming a

Disability assistance programs in Melbourne for autistic children

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Childhood is the most memorable time in everyone’s life and is characterized by enthusiasm, creativity, and curiosity. It lays the foundation stone of our career and life. People put all possible efforts to provide their

Choose registered NDIS provider in Melbourne diligently

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NDIS is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable reforms which have taken place in our country. Amidst fast-paced life and rising standard of living in Australia, areas which are imperative to the economic and social

NDIS – Showing a new path to the people of Victoria

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Life is a beautiful gift given to us by the God, and the best way to embrace this is to stay happy all the time. But, for some of us, it is not easy as