NDIS disability assistance programs for autistic children:  Melbourne – Victoria

Childhood is the most memorable time in everyone’s life and is characterized by enthusiasm, creativity, and curiosity. It lays the foundation stone of our career and life.

People put all possible efforts to provide their children with the best of educational facilities, so as to mold them into wise and kind human beings. But, we may not even be able to imagine, how this dream is very challenging for some parents, to fulfill.

The reason behind it is the attack of serious medical problems in a child’s life. Physical and mental disabilities affect the growth and learning capabilities of children. Autism is also one such condition; categorized into different types, it is collectively referred to as “Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)”. It is prevalent in our city as well and so to combat it, concerned departments and authorities conduct disability assistance programs in Melbourne.

As a comprehensive approach, NDIS or National Disability Insurance Scheme came into effect, for ensuring the well-being of people suffering from physical and mental disorders. Autism is also covered under it and hence parents of autistic children can now see the process becoming extremely simple for them. The symptoms which confirm the disorder are the unique behavioral attributes that children demonstrate, and are summarized as below:

      • Lack of attention
      • Low grasping power
      • Poor communication skills
      • Repeating certain words or habit
      • Low adaptability with society and surroundings
      • Anger issues

    The most prominent factor in the treatment of such children is patience and persistence as the symptoms cannot be improved overnight. NDIS service providers join hands with parents to facilitate the growth of children.
    How to check eligibility for NDIS?

    For availing disability services under NDIS, people of ages 0-65 are eligible in Victoria and other areas. Autism related symptoms are noticed within the first 2 to 3 years after birth. In some cases, symptoms can also be seen within 1 year. It is a proved fact that early intervention helps to alleviate symptoms and enables patients to lead a life that is as near to normal as possible.

    It cannot be neglected that children suffering from ASD require constant care, for better results, and to avoid any further complications. Therefore, registering them under NDIS is truly beneficial, as their various needs are catered efficiently.

    NDIS Assistance Melbourne: How disability assistance programs work?

  • Treatment charges are funded by the authorities.
  • Financial support regarding education, training, employment and social activities is based on individual conditions of every child.
  • Expenses related to transport, etc. are also considered.
  • Specialized physiologists are appointed.

Depending on the age and other factors, support services are extended to the patients. For instance, an adult who has autism is given assistance, in finding a source of income and living independently. We give personal attention to everyone and develop plans for the overall treatment of Autism in Melbourne – Victoria. Special equipment if they are deemed to be necessary for improvement in the conditions is also provided.

Miracle Hands observes children and make required changes in the plan with the objective, to help them in identifying their inner potential and utilizing the same for accomplishing the goals of their life.