Disability Services for Ages 0-65: NDIS Melbourne – Victoria

It is important for the public to have some form of access to disability services, as an unexpected illness or a tragic accident could render a person incapacitated. Such a situation leaves them helpless and devoid of any work or funding that can help them support themselves.

Disability Services helps an individual with disabilities to sustain their livelihood as they are people who cannot work given their condition. There are many who are capable of working but find it tough to get the kind of employment that will help them maintain a certain minimum standard of living. There are a number of disability services that operate at the state and federal levels. They provide a host of short-term and long-term services, depending on the individual’s disability.

Losing your independence and becoming fully dependent on others due to a sudden untoward incident is one of the worst things that can happen to an individual. For many, remaining self-sufficient is far more important than anything else. The primary benefit of disability services provide are financial resources. Disability Services like Miracle Hands in Melbourne offers financial support, so the disabled person can meet their living expenses. This improves a disabled person’s way of life by giving them a sense of independence.

Benefits of Various Types of Aged Care and Disability Services in Melbourne

There are many advantages that disability services offer to people who need it. In fact, there are many in Australia whose survival depends on it. There are many different types of schemes and services that are associated with disability services. There are also many schemes and services that are offered by both government agencies and private entities. Each one of them has some form of support or service to offer:

  • Support by way of providing income – This type of funding has many variations. It comes in the form of Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment, Carer Allowance for adult and child, Sickness Allowance, Mobility Allowance, and Wife Pension
  • Provide funding to organisations that offer employment opportunities – These organisations also offer training programs that would help a candidate to become a more capable employee.
  • Concession for travel in the State-sponsored transport – Some even offer discounts on tickets for trains and flights.
  • Various rebates in income tax
  • Provide assistance for loan if a disabled individual is planning to start their own business
  • Subsidised rates for prosthetic aids and assistive devices, along with easy access to purchase and implement them.
  • Allowances to disabled individuals as per their category
  • Provision of services and support through the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
  • Provision of providing funding to the States and Territories in order to offer accommodation support, respite, and promote independent living and recreation services
  • Partnering up with the States for the Home and Community Care (HACC) Program to offer joint funding
  • Provide funding to the States in order to administer aid and support various schemes
  • Provide funding to organisations to support advocacy, provide information, and offer disability services
  • Offer funding for organisations that come under the Continence Aids Assistance Scheme
  • Provide funding to sponsor industry projects, development projects and research that help people with disabilities
  • Providing services and income support for Veterans who depend heavily on the provisions of the Veteran’s Disability Pension
  • Offer funding for medical programs and benefits for individuals and group that need extended support and care

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