Get the combined benefits of daily exercise and disability support

With the introduction of NDIS, i.e., National Disability Insurance Scheme, the life of our specially-abled brothers and sisters has become much easier as compared to earlier. And we feel very blessed to be an important medium in this process.

Our staff members put their heart into their job and work diligently to support patients by not just assisting in routine activities, but also encouraging them to participate actively in society. We work with the aim to see our patients live the life just like any normal person. And so, we try to help over and above the mandatory treatment.

This blog is also a part of this effort as we have listed below few of the exercises which people bound with wheelchairs can perform and improve their health significantly.

Useful Wheelchair Exercises for the people of Victoria, Australia

1. For patients with some mobility in upper body

a) Reverse Fly: Hold the resistance band in both the hands and straighten your arms to the shoulder level. By fixing them at the elbow, spread the arms to the sides, just liked birds spread their wings. Bring the arms back to the original position slowly.

  • 15 times each in 3 sets
  • Rest for a minute in-between sets
  • Strengthens upper back and shoulders

b) Weightlifting: You can lift weights sitting in a wheelchair using dumbbells of lightweight or simple items found in the home such as food can, etc. Moving empty hands as if you are holding dumbbells can also be done if you cannot carry weight or simply to warm-up.

  • Strengthens shoulders

c) Tricep dips: Hold the armrests of your chair in a way that your hands are beneath the shoulders and try to push yourself up. Then slowly lower yourself down and get seated again.

  • Strengthens your chest, triceps, and front of the shoulders

2. For patients with some mobility in lower body

a) Knee raises: First, lift one knee up to the point you can without putting too much pressure, and then slowly lower it. Repeat the same with the other knee.

  • Strengthens hip flexors

b) Ankle circles: Move your ankle in a circular motion as if you are drawing a circle with toes on both left and right sides. Repeat it with the other ankle as well.

  • Strengthens ankles

Providing disability support in Melbourne and overall Victoria, we would be glad to clarify our patients’ doubts regarding these and any other exercise.