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And therefore people try to help each other and attain happiness at the end of the day. Considering the fact that life is more difficult for our specially-abled friends, most of the people show compassion and cooperation towards them. However, what bothers them heavily is the reality that they are dependent on others, and hence disability programs aim to enable them to live on their own.

NDIS or the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which is a comprehensive disability program, has its reach throughout Australia. It is designed in a manner so as to aid disabled people in all aspects of life and motivate them to create goals and achieve the same. The disability support given in Victoria and other states in the country through this scheme intends to make the recipients more independent than earlier.

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How does this happen?

  • With the support workers accompanying them in traveling to and from study and workplaces, patients can now learn new skills and inculcate new hobbies.
  • Assistance is provided to the patients in getting suitable employment.
  • The facilities such as accommodation, etc. can be availed and support workers stay with the patients at every step.
  • In cases of early intervention, children don’t have to face the extreme consequences of physical or mental disability.
  • Patients have now someone to share their concerns with and seek useful advice.
  • Efforts are made to encourage patients to be a part of the community activities, thereby eliminating their loneliness.

As the patients are now more active in education, employment, society, and other fronts, their self-esteem rises to a new level, and they feel a lot more comfortable and happy in their life.

Providing a variety of health and disability care services across Victoria

Our staff members always put their best foot forward when it comes to serving the patients. They facilitate them in developing a passion and creating a positive attitude so that they can realize their goals. They increase the self-belief of the patients, thereby making them less reliant on others. Miracle Hands provides disability support services to NDIS-enrolled patients in Melbourne and other cities of Victoria.