How Miracle Hands Can Support Disabled People and Their Families

Healthcare for disabled people plays a vital role in Australian healthcare. According to data published by The Australian Network on Disability, more than 4 million people in the country are suffering from at least one form of disability. Considering the presence of a large number of patients in the country, the government has been providing various facilities for this group through the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The National Disability Insurance Agency is a single entity that holds all the funds contributed by states, territories, and commonwealth for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Thus, it is responsible for the management of the scheme, and access to the scheme and fund approvals. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national scheme with shared governance and funding among all governments of the country. Each state has its support department that runs under this scheme. For instance, Disability Support Victoria or NDIS Victoria. In addition, National Disability Insurance Melbourne operates through various branches across the city to make disability insurance and related benefits more accessible to patients.

Many agencies operate in the same field to provide support and care for the disabled population. These agencies are registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to provide safe and quality disability support services. Miracle Hands Pty Ltd. is one such example that provides care and support to people with disabilities. The company also provides support to the families of disabled people. Miracle Hands provides a wide range of lifestyle, wellbeing and non-medical services to disabled people that enable them to live independent lives in their own home and surroundings.

Unlike other agencies, Miracle Hands offers customized services. Moreover, a carer (carers) is selected based on the services required and the schedule of the patient, thereby providing the best fit for client/family and carer. This arrangement provides a supportive environment for families. The services offered by us include but are not limited to support in performing household tasks, personal care, community nursing, accommodation assistance, early childhood support, group activities, therapeutic support, plan management, personal mobility, hearing and vision equipment, interpretation services, assisted personal activities, and other services. Our friendly and expert staff helps the clients in decision making. So, if you are looking for a caregiver for your disabled loved one or seeking any related advice, Miracle Hands is just a call away!

To know more about how our National Disability Insurance Agency in Melbourne can make a difference in the life of disabled people, speak to us on 1800 595 184.