NDIS – Showing a new path to the people of Victoria

Life is a beautiful gift given to us by the God, and the best way to embrace this is to stay happy all the time. But, for some of us, it is not easy as it sounds, as they go through one or more problems, which can be related to any dimension of the personal or professional life.

While issues in professional life can be resolved with mutual understanding and discussions, personal life issues need more efforts, time, patience, courage, and persistence, to completely fade away.

But, disability is a problem, which has an impact on both, personal and professional life. It can be physical, psychological, or even both in some severe cases. However, it does not end the patient’s desire to lead a comfortable and joyful life. And to achieve this, support from their family and friends, also play a major role, along with their will power. With changing times, disability is not perceived the way as it used to be earlier.

But, there is still a vast scope for improvement as various gaps need to be filled, which is done with the help of NDIS, i.e., The National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is aimed at providing not just necessary, but surplus support to our specially-abled fellow companions, with planned and consistent efforts. NDIS in Melbourne and overall Victoria has gained momentum in the initial phase itself.

All the following factors aid us in our fight with disabilities:

  • Technological developments which led to machines and equipments being made especially for disabled people
  • Medical reforms which led to surgeries and other treatment options for reducing the severity of conditions
  • Institutions and charity organizations which work for disabled patients
  • Public awareness campaigns which invoked the spirit of brotherhood in people

Officers and staff members at all levels are selected for implementing the strategies, which are prepared, using results derived from research as well as inputs taken from different subject matter experts. At every step, it is ensured that the disabled people gain from the scheme and live a normal life. But, the biggest hindrance which comes in the way of serving the purpose is lack of knowledge or hesitance of the patients.

What is the solution?

It is highly essential that disabled people come forward and get what they deserve. In some instances, such as children or mental patients, their family has to take the initiative and finish the enrollment process. Considering the scale of the activities and the areas covered, reaching out to everyone and personalization is essential, and therefore, the task is delegated to service providers, who register themselves with the authorities.

In order to resume operating as NDIS providers, organizations undergo required verifications and prove their credibility. Being the second most populous state in the country, Victoria has a huge demand for NDIS services. To fulfill this demand, we work as an NDIS provider in Victoria, Perth, Melbourne, and the Illawarra. Our foundation is based on the motto to serve selflessly, and we accomplish this with ethics and integrity.

Assistance in carrying out daily activities such as cleaning house, laundry, cooking food, and travelling from one place to another for household and job-related duties, is provided to the patients who cannot do this on their own. But, this is just a fraction of what we do. We help them through group activities, therapeutic sessions, and other methods and ensure that they avail education, skill development, and employment, so as to enable them in becoming an active member of the community and attaining the sense of belongingness to the society.

We urge Victorian patients to apply for NDIS in Victoria and their family member to act on their behalf if they are not able to do so.