About Us

Miracle Hands exists to provide NDIS support for people with disabilities, and their families and carers.  Operating as an in-home health, personal and community care service provider, Miracle Hands focuses on providing a full range of non-medical, lifestyle and wellbeing services that enable people with disabilities to remain independent in their own homes.

Miracle Hands is designed to provide individuals and their families with the “best choice” for their home care needs.  At Miracle Hands, the focus is on meeting individual needs and tailoring a home care support plan to suit each and every person. The services provided are delivered in a way that promotes dignity, integrity and respect.  This is achieved by approaching things differently – by seeling clients’ as people with personalities, families, interests and dreams rather than just another client.

NDIS support in Victoria

Miracle Hands serves to play an active managerial role in its provision of care. The services provided are on an individual level, instead of following in the path of large agencies that are often impersonal.  Other agencies have a little-to-no focus on customising services or providing the consistent stability of having the same carer or carers who are already aligned with the family’s needs.

This is where Miracle Hands really are miracle workers. Miracle Hands determines what the client wants – not just in the care provided, but also in the type of care they get.  Miracle Hands matches clients with a carer (or carers) who is the best fit – taking into account schedules, services required and how the carer fits in the client and the family.   A carer should empower the client and their family – not be a hindrance.

The focus is on providing clients with the same carer – a welcomed known entity.  However, shift cancellations, injury illness or additional shift requests can sometimes make this impossible.  In this case, supplementary carers will be fully briefed on how a person and their home is to be cared for, before entering the environment.

The care provided by Miracle Hands is based on the principles of compassion, the dignity of the individual and a commitment to excellence. Eligible clients can access Miracle Hands through either a self-referral or by being referred by their carer, medical advisor or medical insurer.

Miracle Hands closely with State and Commonwealth government departments, local councils and other service providers, always ensuring the company own culture of the client, community and family-centred programs drive the business on a daily basis. Miracle Hands responds to individual needs by working with people creatively and constructively.