Miracle Hands Services

We’re proud to be an organisation leading Victorians transitioning to the NDIS. We provide PMP and Support Coordination services in more areas around Melbourne & Victoria as the NDIS is rolled out in Victoria over the next two years. To find out more about our new range of NDIS services, please explore using the links above.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of providing support for people living with disability. It’s a whole-of-life approach – a major reform of disability services in Australia, designed to provide the right support according to each person’s needs and goals.

PMP and Support service in Australia

Miracle Hands has been actively involved with the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) since day one.

Why Choose Miracle Hands

Experienced Provider

We have years of experience supporting people to achieve their aspirations and inclusion in their local communities.

Official NDIS Provider

We offer a full range of NDIS supports. Our strength is supporting people to live more independently at home and in the community. We also provide specialist accommodation, therapy supports and assist people to be work ready.

Supported Living

We have extensive experience in providing supported living and accommodation.

Therapy Supports

We provide a range of therapy supports in Melbourne & across Victoria.

Our Services Include:

Household Task:

Household tasks, including essential tasks that the client is not able to undertake, such as meal preparation and delivery, house or yard maintenance, cleaning and laundry.

NDIS Personal care

Personal Care :

Daily Personal Activities, including for people with high needs, involving:
– assisting with and/or supervising personal tasks of daily life to enable the client to live as autonomously as possible. These individual supports can be provided in a range of environments, including but not limited to, the participant’s own home; and
– for people with higher needs, supports provided by a worker with additional qualifications and experience relevant to the person’s complex needs.

Community Nursing:

Community nursing care, the provision of specialist care for clients who have high care needs requiring a high level of skill, and the training of support workers to respond to the participant’s complex needs.

Community Nursing
Assist – Travel/ Transpor

Assist – Travel/ Transport:

Assistance with travel and transport, to support people access the community, work or education where they cannot do so through other means of transport.

Assist – Life Stage, Transition:

Assistance with life stages and transition, including Support Coordination. This involves strengthening a client’s abilities to coordinate their support and participate in the community.

Assist – Life Stage, Transition
Accommodation Support

Accommodation Support :

Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement, involving assisting with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment, which is either temporary or ongoing, with a focus on developing the skills of each individual to live as autonomously as possible. This includes short-term accommodation and assistance

Group/ Centre Activities:

Group and Centre Based Activities, including assisting clients to participate in the group-based community, social and recreational activities.

Group/ Centre Activities
Therapeutic Support

Therapeutic Support:

Therapeutic Supports, provided to assist clients aged from 7 years to apply their functional skills to improve their participation and independence in daily, practical activities in areas such as language and communication, personal care, mobility and movement, interpersonal interactions and community living.

Support Coordination:

Support Coordination, providing you with as much or as little assistance as you need.Support Coordination helps build your ability to act independently. This can include empowering you to access and co-ordinate your supports, and providing assistance to help you participate more in your community.The NDIA may consider adding Support Coordination to your plan if there are reasons you could experience challenges navigating the NDIS or managing your providers efficiently.

Support Coordination
Plan Management

Plan Management:

Miraclehands NDIS Plan Management services gives you all the benefits of self-management without the financial, administrative and coordination workload.

With assistance from an Miraclehands Plan Manager you have the option of engaging NDIA registered or unregistered services to provide your support. This for example would mean you could continue to receive support from your local sole trader therapist who does not wish to go through the NDIA registration process.

Participate Community:

We all want a bit of fun in our lives. Is one of your goals is to be able to find and participate in social activities, events and other community activities yourself? We can help.If you are an NDIS participant and have been approved for the support category ‘increased social & community participation’ in your NDIS plan, you can access the supports below.

Participate Community
Personal Mobility Equipment

Personal Mobility Equipment:

We have a large selection of personal mobility equipment for clients to view and test. If we do not stock the item, we will be able to obtain the appropriate power chair, mobility scooter or manual wheelchair normally within a week. Every piece of equipment that Miracle Hands, vends is “customized”, adjusted and fitted to meet each individual’s needs. We treat each client independently because we recognize that abilities and needs differ.


Participants from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds may require assistance to access translation and interpreting services in order to implement the supports available in their National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan.

Vision Equipment

Vision Equipment:

Assistive products for drawing and writing, audio labellers, braille embosser- notetaker with voice output, braille printers- desk top, braille printers- portable, cctv electronic magnification unit- portable, CCTV/ electronic magnification unit, dog guide, dog guide ongoing costs, image-enlarging video systems- desk top magnifier, other vision equipment not listed, sound recording and playing devices, tactile sticks or white canes, vision equipment delivery to a participant, vision equipment delivery, set up/ training, vision equipment rental, word processing software for alternate access- vision.


The Disability Trust provides quality housing supports to people with disability, through our Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA), housing and tenancy management services for people with disability.

Assistive Prod House Hold task

Assistive Prod House Hold task:

Our team at Miracle Hands is dedicated to providing individuals with a disability to gain full independence in the comfort of their own homes. You tell us what assistance you need and we are here to support you with as much or as little assistance you need. At Miracle Hands, we are here to provide support with your daily household tasks so you can live independently.

Assist Personal Activities:

This is an individualised service (for both adults and children) where Miracle Hands Workers assist you to complete daily activities that are relevant to your individual needs and support requirements.

Assist Personal Activities
Personal activities high

Personal Activities High:

Assistance with daily personal and high intensity daily personal activities.assistance from a live-in carer, specialised home-based assistance for a child, personal care.

Hearing Equipment:

With the introduction of the NDIS, more people will have access to government funded hearing help and supports.Now anyone with a hearing loss, irrespective of age, that meet the eligibility criteria, will have access to funding for that hearing loss via the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Hearing Equipment
Assist Access-Maintain Employ

Assist Access-Maintain Employ:

Assistance to access and maintain employment.Workplace assistance enables a participant to successfully obtain and/or retain employment in the open or supported labour market.


  • employment related assessment and counselling
  • assistance in specialised, supported employment
  • employment preparation and support, individually or in a group